AMD’s Monsterous Processors Spotted, Offers up to 16C/32T

we are hearing rumors about unannounced  16C/32T processors from AMD with next gen Zen architecture,since from the launch of latest Ryzen based CPUs. Now we have a hot new leak ,confirming the existence of new AMD processors, coming on a new platform Whiteheaven .

The information is sheared by Videocardz. According to their resources, they just found details of AMD’s next-gen Zen architecture Eng sample CPUs, packed up to 16C/32T. Check out the details’

The high end next gen zen CPU with 16C/32T is clocked at 3.1GHz base and 3.6 GHz of boost clock speeds we have also a 12C/25t CPU in this lineup .

Nvidia Unleashed a True Professional Monster, Tesla V100 Packed with 5120 CUDA Cores & 16GB Of HBM2 Memory

Are you expecting some thing like that fellows… ?  Yes i was . Nvidia Unleashed a true Professional monster, the New Tesla V100, based on Nvidia’s next generation Volta GPU architecture. Its packed with all new technologies available at the time.

Tesla V100 Specs and Performance

No doubt Nvidia’s new GPU is packed with an insane GPU Compute performance ,ready to handle all of your professional workloads. The Tesla V100 comes with Nvidia’s next generation Volta architecture based GPU, the GV 100. This GV 100 offers 15 TFLOPS of single precision and 7 TFLOPS of double precision Compute performance. The GPU is backed on 12nm of febrication process with 21B Transistors , 5120 CUDA Cores clocked at 1455MHz. You have huge 16 GB of HBM2 Memory, capable of 900 GB/s memory bandwidth along with 4096-bit of memory interface.

well, looking at these specs you can just imagine ,what your next Geforce GTX 20XX will be …


SK Hynix Shown off GDDR6 Memory, Ready for NVIDIA’s Next-gen Vlota GPU’s

Few weeks back, SK Hynix  announces the GDDR6 Memory and now they just unveils their GDDR6 memory with 16GB/s bandwidth at Nvidia’s GTC 2017. Now they shown off the full fledged wafers of their upcoming GDDR6 Memory at Nvidia’s GPU Technology conference. So that means ,First of all Nvidia’s will hands on their GDDR6 Vram technology .

According to SK Hynix ,the GDDR6 memory technology is ready to hit the next generation GPU’s in early 2018.

SK Hynix GDDR6 Memory Specs.

SK Hynix shown off 1GB and 8GB capacities with up to 16GB/s speed,while their data sheet also mentions higher capacities of 2GB and 16GB coming in second half of 2018.Hopefully these higher capacity modules will come with higher memory clock. Well GDDR6 not only comes with higher speed but it will also require almost 10% less power against GDDR5 Vram.

images credit goes to hardwareluxx

Source HardWareLuxx

ONE PLUS 5 will be powered up by a 835 Snapdragon and 8GB of Ram.

Gearbest has listed the HTC’s flagship ONW PLUS 5 phone for $688 with its complete specifications. They also posted a picture showing us the front and back side of the phone .According to the store, the HTC ONE PLUS 5 will features a 5.5 inch Quad HD Display panel with 2560 x 1440 of resolution.The phone will be powered by the Qualcomm’s 835 Snapdragon along with 8GB of memory.This ONE PLUS5 will offers a 16 MP of front and 24 MP of rare cameras .For storage the phone will come in two variants, one with 64GB Internal storage and other with 128GB of internal storage that can be further extended with a MicroSD card. In other specs you have a fingerprint scanner,WiFi 802.11ac,Dual sim support bluetooth 4.2 and 4000 mAh of battery. The phone will comes with Android 7.1 Naugat OS.

According to 3D-Center survey, Ryzen 5 Chips are Success.

Ryzen 5 are the best CPU’s launches in last 7 years.

According to the latest  survey of 3dcenter, The newly launched Ryzen 5 processors received 83.9 percent of  positive remarks. Its really a great success for AMD, if around 84% users are leaving positive impression. While the average and negative impression results are also impressive because such a low negative impression results for a new processor ,were not seen in last 8 years. No doubt AMD’s Ryzen 5 chips provides the best bang for your bucks against Intel’s 4C/4T or 4C/8T processors, While AMD’s Ryzen 5 brings us 6C/12T processor at the same cost.



MSI Teases Intel’s Next Generation gen X299 Motherboard

MSI starts teasing their new Motherboard, based on Intel’s next generation X299 Platform. This new motherboard is packed with beautiful RGB LEDs. We are looking at motherboard that comes with three M.2 slots ,x16 ports for 4-way SLI/CF and MSI’s Audio Boost VI tech and much more. This motherboard will using LGA 2066 Socket to hold intel’s next generation Kabylake-X processors. While we don’t have much info about this upcoming motherboard but it is also reported that MSI will put a 6-Pin PCIe connector to hold your Multi-GPU configurations.
Intel will be launching its high end Kabylake-X Processors on this X299 Platform,We will see different variants in Kabylake-X processors line-up, even a 12C/24T chip was reported on this new 299X platform.

Source Tweaktown

Only 16000 Vega cards will be available at Launch

This new leak is coming from tweakown and according to their reports only 16000 Vega cards will be available for customers in first few seems true, just because of limited HBM2 production. Now if Vega really able to beat Nvidia’s flagship cards than they should must have enough supply of Vega to full fill customers demand ,to make a come back in GPU market.

Portuguese Retailer leaked the GOD OF WAR 4 release date

No doubt God of War is One of the most demanded title among the PS Exclusive titles. Every PS user, who played GOW, desperately awaiting for the next installment.If you are a GOW lover, than we have a good news for you .A portuguese retailer possibly leaked the next GOW game release date. They recently changes the release date of Sony’s Upcoming installment of GOW to 14th of September 2017. Check this out here


AMD’s RX-Vega 10 Specs leaked

We all know AMD is working very hard on their next gen Vega Cards to tackle down Nvidia’s flagship GPU’s. In a recent drivers update of Linux OS AMD added support for its next gen RX-Vega 10 Graphics cards. That unveils the Specs of RX-Vega 10 GPU. Now lets check out the RX-Vega 10 specifications.

RX-Vega 10 Specs

Vega 10 will be backed with next generation 8GB HBM2 Vram along with 2048-bit of memory interface. We will see 64 next gen compute units, while each of these will consist of 64 GCN stream processors. In total we will have 4096 stream processors and around 256 of texture mapping units, to handle your graphical loads. Vega 10 will be clocked at 1.5 GHz to deliver 12.5 TFLOPs of 32FP Compute performance. We hope RX Vega 10 with these awesome specs will able to compete against Nvidia’s high end cards.

COLORFUL Released The Beast,iGame GTX-1080Ti Vulkan X OC .

Finally ColorFul released the beast the iGame GTHX 1080Ti Vulkan X OC . This card comes with real  time overclocking capabilities. No doubt its one of the best GPU in GTX-1080Ti lineup made for extreme overclocking. This iGame GTX-1080Ti Vulkan X OC comes with 1620MHz of base and 1733MHz of boost clock speeds.The card features 16+2 power phase design . You have 11GB of GDDR5X Vram along with 352-bit memory interface. The card features 3-Fan SWORIZER cooling solution. You have a LCD display and Colorful named it iGame Status Monitor. You have 1.68 million colors  capable RGB lighting system that makes the card really sexy and attractive.

First The card will be available in china and than it will hit other markets.