Nvidia Unleashed a True Professional Monster, Tesla V100 Packed with 5120 CUDA Cores & 16GB Of HBM2 Memory

Are you expecting some thing like that fellows… ?  Yes i was . Nvidia Unleashed a true Professional monster, the New Tesla V100, based on Nvidia’s next generation Volta GPU architecture. Its packed with all new technologies available at the time.

Tesla V100 Specs and Performance

No doubt Nvidia’s new GPU is packed with an insane GPU Compute performance ,ready to handle all of your professional workloads. The Tesla V100 comes with Nvidia’s next generation Volta architecture based GPU, the GV 100. This GV 100 offers 15 TFLOPS of single precision and 7 TFLOPS of double precision Compute performance. The GPU is backed on 12nm of febrication process with 21B Transistors , 5120 CUDA Cores clocked at 1455MHz. You have huge 16 GB of HBM2 Memory, capable of 900 GB/s memory bandwidth along with 4096-bit of memory interface.

well, looking at these specs you can just imagine ,what your next Geforce GTX 20XX will be …


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