SK Hynix Shown off GDDR6 Memory, Ready for NVIDIA’s Next-gen Vlota GPU’s

Few weeks back, SK Hynix  announces the GDDR6 Memory and now they just unveils their GDDR6 memory with 16GB/s bandwidth at Nvidia’s GTC 2017. Now they shown off the full fledged wafers of their upcoming GDDR6 Memory at Nvidia’s GPU Technology conference. So that means ,First of all Nvidia’s will hands on their GDDR6 Vram technology .

According to SK Hynix ,the GDDR6 memory technology is ready to hit the next generation GPU’s in early 2018.

SK Hynix GDDR6 Memory Specs.

SK Hynix shown off 1GB and 8GB capacities with up to 16GB/s speed,while their data sheet also mentions higher capacities of 2GB and 16GB coming in second half of 2018.Hopefully these higher capacity modules will come with higher memory clock. Well GDDR6 not only comes with higher speed but it will also require almost 10% less power against GDDR5 Vram.

images credit goes to hardwareluxx

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