AMD’s RX-Vega 10 Specs leaked

We all know AMD is working very hard on their next gen Vega Cards to tackle down Nvidia’s flagship GPU’s. In a recent drivers update of Linux OS AMD added support for its next gen RX-Vega 10 Graphics cards. That unveils the Specs of RX-Vega 10 GPU. Now lets check out the RX-Vega 10 specifications.

RX-Vega 10 Specs

Vega 10 will be backed with next generation 8GB HBM2 Vram along with 2048-bit of memory interface. We will see 64 next gen compute units, while each of these will consist of 64 GCN stream processors. In total we will have 4096 stream processors and around 256 of texture mapping units, to handle your graphical loads. Vega 10 will be clocked at 1.5 GHz to deliver 12.5 TFLOPs of 32FP Compute performance. We hope RX Vega 10 with these awesome specs will able to compete against Nvidia’s high end cards.

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