Intel Will Unleashed Its Next Gen Chips with Builtin AMD Graphics

Last time we have a Rumor that Intel will be using the AMD graphics Tech in its upcoming Processors. Now we have reports In 2017 Intel will be using the AMD,s Graphics inside its processors  and i am sure  Intel will be using the AMD graphics in its upcoming 10nm Kaby Lake architecture.

The HardOCP boss Kyle Bennett he said

Intel’s new processor would be a multi-chip module  we will have a separate Radeon GPU die against the CPU die, and won’t be on-die like Intel’s current GPU architecture.

AMD Will Be Launching 17 Chips In Ryzen Architecture,Names Plus Details revealed.

AMD will be launching its Ryzen architecture processors in couple of a weeks. As the release date for the Ryzen is coming close more and more leaks are coming out . But in this leak revealed almost every Chip Name and specs.
AMD will launch 17 processors in Rayzen architecture, 5 of these processors will belong to the Ryzen R7 series. All of these chips will have 8 Cores and 16 threads,These Chip should be priced around $499 to $699.AMD R5 family the mid range chips to fight against core i5 , will come in 6 Cores and 12 Treads variants with a price tag of 150$ to 300$.while The R3 will compete against Intel’s Pentium and Core i3 processors at a budget friendly price range.

here are the detailed chart about all of these chips

PS4 Update 44.50 Is Coming,Extend Your PS Storage Upto 8Tb

New update for PS4 is coming, that will bring some really exciting features to your console.
With this update you can upgrade your PS4 storage, with any External HDD up to 8tb . You just need to connect your external HDD and it will behave like your internal HDD of PS4. Gamers will be able to install apps and store data on the external disk, just like a regular PS4 HDD.You can use any External HDD with usb 3.0 for this purpose.
This update will also allow you to set Custom Wallpapers of your choice,we will also see improvements in the Quick Menu and 3d blue ray and Vr experience.There is no any official release date for this update.


More than 70 Developers ,Developing over 100 games For Nintendo Switch.

Good news for the Nintendo switch users, More than 70 Dev teams are developing over 100 games for Nintendo Switch.
According to the Mr Tatsumi Kimishima more than 70 developers are currently developing over 100 games for the Nintendo Switch. Last time in a report from Nintendo it was cleared that over 50 developers are working on over 80 games.
But in a recent report by the president of Nintendo Mr. Kimishima  he said , ” we ygannounced that there were over 80 titles in development from more than 50 software publishers, but that number has now climbed to over 100 titles from more than 70 publishers. Please look forward to more announcements about the software lineup in the future.”

Check Out The Newly leaked pictures of Upcoming LG Flagship Phone G6.

We already seen many leaks and rumors about the upcoming LG,s flagship phone G6. Now we have newly leaked pics of G6 showing off its prototype curved design,check it out.

Here is the front and the back .

while in other specs, we have a fingerprint reader and dual camera on the back.

According to the latest rumors the G6 will be powered up with Qualcomm’s 821 snapdragon processor while it latest leaks still The front side of the device isn’t clear. But At the bottom their is a USB Type-C port, a speaker and a microphone hole.We hope, Soon LG will launch its G6  to fight against its rivals.

Intel Will Be Ready To Fight Against The Upcoming Ryzen With Thier new kabylake 10nm Chips.

Intel Will Be Ready To Fight Against The Upcoming Ryzen With Thier new kabylake 10nm Chips coming in late 2017.
As the release of AMD,s Ryzen processors is coming closer,things are getting heated up.
According to the wccftech repots intel  CEO replied while answering Ross C. Seymore  (Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc) question.
When he asked about Intel future plans against the upcoming Ryzen architecture.

Brian M. Krzanich (Intel Corp): Sure. I would tell you that we always look at this environment and say there’s going to be a competitive risk in the environment. And we’re always focused on really, our own product roadmap and making sure that we have the highest performance product. So, when we look at 2017, we still believe that our product roadmap is truly the best ever it’s been.

And as we look at the Kaby Lake and as it really ramps up through 2017, or it came out really just at the end of 2016 and now will ramp with many more SKUs and higher-performance products as we go into 2017. And then we showed at CES the first working 10-nanometer Cannonlake product, which we’re still planning to ship by the end of this year and really ramp into 2018. We still believe that our roadmap and our leadership will continue to give us the performance the customers want and desire. And so that didn’t necessarily factor into that more cautious forecast. That forecast was really much more a function of where we think the PC market really is overall.

Intel is looking quite confident about their upcoming kaby lake 10nm processor  to handle the situation against the upcoming Ryzen Processors. But the actual battle isn’t just about the performance.when AMD will be offering a  handsome performance equal to the flagship Processors of Intel, at very reasonable price things will become difficult for Intel to manage.So in my opinion we could see a serious drop, in prices of Intel’s main stream processors.

AMD Will Launch A 6 Cores and 12 threaded Chip in Ryzen Architecture.

Last time We reported a rumor that AMD is not going to launch Ryzen processor in 6 cores and 12 threads, but now its confirmed, that AMD will be launching a 6 cores and 12 threaded Chip in ryzen architecture.
According to new reports coming from vedeocardz, AMD will launch a Ryzen 6 core and 12 threads model  codenamed “ZD3301BBM6IF4_37/33_Y”.

This chip will feature up to 12 MB of L3 cache. By default It will be clocked at 3.3 GHz of base and  3.7 GHz of boost speed.Every Ryzen chip will come with an unlocked multiplayer so with a better cooling solution you can go over 3.7 Ghz

Asus unleashed the new Geforce GTX 1070 Expedition

The Expedition series models are famous for thier durability and performance.All of that comes in a budget friendly price.

Asus Geforce GTX 1070 Expedition comes with 1607Mhz of base and 1797 MHz of bost clock speed. Well on a reference PCB Asus backed the 8GBVram with 1920 Cuda cores . Asus features this cards with

Auto-Extreme Technology with
Super Alloy Power II

ASUS graphics cards are produced using Auto-Extreme technology, an industry-first 100% automated production process, and features premium Super Alloy Power II components that enhance efficiency, reduce power loss, decrease component buzzing under load, and lower thermal temperatures for unsurpassed quality and reliability.


144-hr Diskless Solution Compatibility

ASUS operates the iCafé Labs to certify Expedition graphics cards for use as diskless systems, subjecting the cards to 144 hours of dedicated tests, including a 2-hour reboot test and 15-hour 3D Mark test with heavy loading. Expedition graphics cards are ready to run non-stop — with the smooth performance you demand.

Top Games Tested

ASUS iCafé Labs engineers also subject Expedition graphics cards to lengthy stability tests in an environment that simulates a real-world internet café. We test with the top games to assure of the very best gaming experiences!

Two dust proof fans to exhaust the heat from heat sinks. Over all a beautiful design with ultra durability.