An Overclocked Ryzen 1700X Knocked Out The Intel 6950X & 7700K

AMD’s Ryzen 1700X  Battles against the Intel Core i7 7700K (Intel’s best Chip is Single Threaded Work)  and Intel Core i7 6950X (Intel’s Best Chip in Multi thread work)

This leak is coming from WCCFtech and These benchmarks are confirmed from the CPU-Z database.

The AMD’s Ryzen 1770X totally destroys the Intel’s fastest single and multithreaded Processors.

Lets check it out

Ryzen 1700X  Vs  i7 7700K Single-Threaded CPU Performance Benchmark…

 We are putting the Ryzen 7 1700X clocked around 4 GHz against the Intel Core i7 7700K  clocked at 4.5 GHz .The Ryzen 1700X  scored 2327 points in the benchmarks while the Core i7 7700K’s  was able to scored 2301 points. Intel’s fastest single threaded processor  loses the  battle against the AMD’s Ryzen 1700x which is not even the best solution from AMD’s Ryzen architecture.AMD is truly make a come back in Pc gaming.

Now lets talk about the multithreaded Performance against the Intel’s Most powerful and Most Expensive Processor The Intel Core i7 6950X available around 1700$.

Ryzen 7 1700X  Vs  i7 6950X Multithreaded CPU Performance Benchmark…

If these Benchmarks are true than AMD’s $389 processors has just ruined the Intel’s $1700 processor.

In the CPU-Z multithreaded Performance benchmark the Ryzen 1700X is being compared against the  10c/20t processor the Core i7 6950X  while the Ryzen 1700X features 8 c/16t.

The 1700X scores 19874 Cpu Benchmark points While the Intel’s 6950X’s 15695 points Now that is totally a shame for Intel’s flagship processor.

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