Intel Is Preparing A 12 Cores and 24 Threaded Skylake-X Chip To Fight Against Ryzen.

Get Ready For The Next Battle Ryzen……

This rumor is coming from and after all the progress and success ,that we have witnessed  from AMD’s side with their Ryzen Processors, AMD totally outperforms the Intel in each and every single field with their awesome performance and very affordable prices.

Now what is actually to do with this rumor that, Intel is preparing  massive, 12 cores and 24 threaded processor, AMD already gained enough attention and success that Really worried the Intel about their future products so it seems With this kind of rumors Intel is just trying to safe its side.

Well i think Intel is just trying to commercialize its 12 cores and 24 treads Skylake-X  Processor, in order to broke down the fame of Ryzen Processors .  Now we have to wait and watch for the real world performance of this Monster.


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