AMD Vega Cards will be Unleashed In 2nd Quater of 2017

AMD officially announces ,They are going to launches its Vega based graphics cards in 2nd quater of 2017 . Furthermore, While the Chief Architect of the Radeon Technologies Raja Koduri  will guide more about the Vega Architecture at upcoming press event ”Capsaicin and Cream”

While the event is going to take place on 28th of February at GDC 2017. We hope Mr.Koduri will bring us more details and performance benchmarks of the Vega GPU’s.

 Vega 10 Specification

In the last demo of  Vega 10 it was beating up the Geforce GTX 1080 by 10%
So according to the leaks and rumors, the Vega 10 GPU will come with base clock speed of 1550Mhz packed with HBM2 Vram ,features up to 64 Compute Units with 4096 stream processors.Overall its should have 10 to 12 Terra flops of compute performance .

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