Best Graphics Cards Under 250$

Last time i wrote an articsl about the budget friendly Graphics cards for 1080p gaming.I chosed best in performance, energy efficiency and price. Now we set a price point of 250 $ and we will make our cards choices under that price point
Lets do it

RX-470 4gb ddr5
This card is one off best budget card.starting from the 159$ at requires only a single 6-pin power connector and performs very well . its ideal for 1080p gaming. With this little monster you can easily achieve 60 plus FPS on high to ultra settings.This RX-470 has also the capability to deliver handsome fps on 2k screen resolution. You can easily hit, playable 30 plus FPS, at high settings.                   Note:-In pakistan it costs around Rs:31500 ,but the Gtx 1060 3GB costs Rs:26800 ,so its better to skip this for 1060 3GB.

RX-480 4GB DDR5

The younger brother Rx-480 4GB performs 5 %to 8% less than the RX-480 8GB. Its  too good at 2k resolution mostly performs equal or better than the Geforce GTX 1060 3GB  version. its starting from 174$ at Amazon . Yes you can get a graphics card for your 2k gaming setup only in 174$.But sadly in pakistan it cost much again i would prefer  you to go for a Geforce GTX- 1060 3GB version.

GTX 1060 3GB DDR5

One of the best mid range Graphics Card packed with awesome  performance.Its  only 5 to 10 percent less from its big brother, the 1060-8GB version  in  performance. Originally its a fully fledged 1060 but it lose just because it has 1152 cuda cores while the 1060 8gb version has 1280 cuda cores.  in other specs these two don,t have much difference. while in performance at 1080p and 2k resolution its a monster providing us 50 plus FPS on high to ultra settings. its available on amazon just in 190$.its the best bang for your buck.

RX480 8GB DDR5.
This graphics card is truely packed with performance power,With RX-480 we can easily hit 50 plus FPS in almost every latest game at high to ultra for 2k gaming and good playable 30plus FPS on 4k in other words you got a gpu ready to hold your 4k gaming only by paying a price tag of ……
Its 8GB DDR5 vram gives us the real benefit when we are at 4k resolution.

GTX 1060 6GB DDR5
I am big fan of this graphics card its a ture game changer and holds the 1st position against RX-480 almost in every single game.
A real energy efficient card packed with some serious horsepower.In terms of performance its  5 to 10 percent better than RX-480 at 1080p and 1440p(2k) resolutions.but still mange to beat it from 2 to 6 fps on 4k resolution.this card is starting from 249$ at amazon

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