Meet AMD Ryzen Ready To Compete Against Intel 6900k(new leaks)

we have some new leaks about the upcoming AMD,s Ryzen processors . well according to the new leaks  The ryzen flagship processor, competing against the intel core i7 6900k will cost around 700$.but 1st lets check out the details about the upcoming Ryzen series lineup.

On 1st spot we have the SR7  processor which is going to compete against the intel high end CPU the 6900k .Well the RS7 already beaten the 6900k in some tests but still many other to go.The SR7 will cost around 700$ while the 6900k is sitting at 1100$.We hope soon we will have the release for ryzen Cpu,

We hope the SR5 will be in compete against the core i5 processors and the entry level SR3 will bettle against the core i3 series it was rumor that the SR5 will have 6 cores and 12 threads but in latest rumors these SR5 will equipped with 8 core and 8 threads.

Further you can check out the SR7 performance head to head against the Intel 6900k in this Handbrake  test and  Blender Demo tests.

Sourse of leak

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