The project Scorpio A Real Monster (new leaks & details)

Every Xbox lover is looking excited for the upcoming project Scorpio,most powerful console ever built before .Here we have new leaks about its specification.
The Digital Foundry reported about the latest Xbox Scorpio leaks.well according to them the ESRAM is gone in new Xbox is the orignal statement from Digital foundry.

“ESRAM remains essential to achieving high performance on both Xbox One and Xbox One S. However, Project Scorpio and PC are not provided with ESRAM. Because developers are not allowed to ship a Project Scorpio-only SKU, optimising for ESRAM remains critical to performance on Microsoft platforms.”

Well another hot news ,we are getting a 6 tera flops GPU inside this project Scorpio yes  and it should must be the new polaris based architecture.For more we can expect a polaris based Gpu with some optional features from vega based architecture.
Well the digital foundry leaks stated
“There are other clues as to Scorpio’s final hardware set-up within the whitepaper. The six teraflop GPU is once again confirmed, with the GPU’s compute power rated at around 4.5 times the capabilities of Xbox One. Four times more L2 cache is also confirmed – a new detail that does not tell us that much, except that that the GPU architecture in Scorpio is at least as modern as AMD’s Polaris line. Based on our discussions with Mark Cerny on PS4 Pro, we can reasonably assume that Microsoft can customise its GPU core just as Sony did, with access to Radeon roadmap features up to – and perhaps beyond – AMD’s upcoming Vega architecture. Microsoft gives away little here, other than to confirm that delta colour compression (DCC) is a part of the Scorpio GPU feature set, just as it is in PS4 Pro.”



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