Best Budget Friendly Graphics Card For 1080p Gaming.


If you want to buy budget Graphics card and you are aiming 1080p gaming with attractive frame rate on high settings ,than you are at the right place fellow.Most of the gamers are still gaming on 1080p resolution and Most gamer wants to obtain nice frame rate with a budget gpu.
Thus, we are aiming to get 40 plus fps at high setting in latest games with a budget friendly GPU.
In my list, My 1st choice is

AMD-REDON RX 460 2gb or 4Gb

With This little Monster we can easily achieve the goal of 40 plus fps on 1080p resolution.The RX-460 can handle your latest games on high to ultra settings with nice 30 plus fps.It performs very well almost in every latest game.Its totally budget friendly,The default version consumes around 75 to 80 watt.You can get the XFX-RX460 2Gb for 99$ at amazon


Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 2Gb

We can call this the game changer because in terms of performance it beats Not only the RX460 2-Gb version but also the 4Gb version, almost in every game.When we put it against rx460 this GPU is performs, 8 to 15 fps better than rx460.It consume less energy performs better and with a price tag of 109$ , no dout its the best budget graphics card from nvidia for 1080p gaming.

Now we have GTX1050ti 4Gb

If you are looking for 1080p gaming with 50 plus fps on hight to ultra settings ,than the GTX1050ti is the right choice for you.Its not only a budget friendly GPU but also packed with ture performance power.its It consume around 75 to 85 energy efficient card but also a budget friendly graphics card starting from 134$ at Amazon

Unfortunately from Amd side, we dont have any card to compete with GTX-1050ti ,Because at that price point, we can,t find that level of  performance .


All of these graphics cards can easily run on a 300 to 350 Watt  power supply.none of these required any      6-pin power connector.So in other words these cards are totally budget friendly.

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